As faculty for William Glasser International, I offer a number of programs and workshops.   All of the following workshops are based on an understanding of internal control and motivation. 


Basic Intensive Training


This 27 hour program over 3 or 4 days includes workshops that are interactive and engaging.  These workshops cover aspects of understanding behaviour, and why we do what we do, skill development of caring conversations to facilitate self evaluation and change, leading to inspire others.  


Take Charge of Your Life


This newly developed workshop  introduces Choice Theory as it applies to oneself.  How can you live the life that you want and be the person you want to be. Six hours of interactive and fun workshop activities enable participants to gain a good understanding of how to take charge of their lives.

Basic and Advanced Practicum

You leave a program of learning knowing 100% of what you know.  Unless you re engage with the material you will gradually lose what you knew, understood or were able to do.  The practicum leads participants to greater depths of understanding Choice Theory Reality Therapy and Lead Management.


Facilitator Mentoring


Giving a pathway for people who are Choice Theory Reality Therapy Certified, this two day workshop enables you to begin the process of becoming an accredited Take Charge of Your Life facilitator.


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