A Choice Theory School is one where relationships are based on trust, respect and cooperation. The curriculum is seen by students as adding quality to their lives.  Failing grades are  eliminated and there is an emphasis on continuous improvement through self evaluation.  The school is a joyful place for all.
Choice Theory School


This program consists of six workshops over 2 days with workshops that model the pedagogical approaches that would be expected in a Glasser Quality or a Choice Theory School. 



Take Charge of Your Life for Teachers

The complexity of family, work and human interaction means that teachers can sometimes feel anxious, angry or upset.  This six hour workshop helps them understand why and how they choose to act and how and why others including students choose.

Excellence in Teaching


This program consists of a series of modules aimed at enhancing classroom practice in the areas of teaching strategies, classroom behaviour and teacher/ student relationships. The program has been officially endorsed by the William Glasser Institute of Australia.



Collegial Coaching


The Collegial Coaching program is underpinned by Choice Theory and Reality Therapy.   Based on the work of Dr Madeline Hunter and Dr William Glasser this updated version  from the ET Program is having an enormous impact in improving the quality of teaching in primary and secondary schools in Queensland schools.



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Choice Connection


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